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Exhibit list

Product category
1 Product Packaging Containers and Materials
1.2Paper Bag
1.3Paper Can
1.4Pulp Mould
1.5Paper Tray
1.6Paper Bucket
1.7Paper Tube
1.8Paper Cup
1.9Paper Bowl
1.10Plastic Bag
1.11Plastic Case
1.12Plastic Box
1.13Plastic Bottle
1.14Plastic Pipe
1.15Plastic Bucket
1.16Plastic Cup
1.17Plastic Bowl
1.18Packaging Film
1.19Shrink Film
1.20Metal Box
1.21Metal Can
1.22Metal Bucket
1.23Glass Bottle
1.24Glass Packaging Container
1.25Aluminum Foil Film
1.26Aluminium Foil Bag
1.27Aluminium Bottle
1.28Aluminium Box
1.29Pump, Cap, Valve And Other Packaging Materials
1.30Bottle Cap
1.31Lifting Handle
1.32Coated Paper
1.33Water Based Greaseproof Paper
1.34Non-woven packaging
1.35Plant Fiber Packaging Container
1.36Other Packaging Materials and Containers
2 Packaging Machinery and Equipment
2.1Carton Automatic Moulding Machine
2.2Automatic Paper Folding Machine
2.3Automatic Carton Filler
2.4Carton Sealer
2.5Strapping Machine
2.6Sealing Machine
2.7Heat Shrink Packaging Machine
2.8Sealing And Cutting Machine
2.9Sealing-Strapping-Packaging Line
2.10Horizontal Automatic Packaging Machine
2.11Vertical Automatic Packaging Machine
2.12Intelligent Secondary Packaging System
2.13On Demand Packing Solution
2.14On Demand Carton Solution
2.15On Demand Bagging Solution
2.16Liquid Packaging Equipment
2.17Powder Packaging Equipment
2.18Dope Packaging Equipment
2.19Particle Packaging Equipment
2.20Solid Packaging Equipment
2.21Inspection Equipment
2.22Selective Coating Machine
2.23Gluing Equipment
3 Label and Labelling
3.2Individualized Label
3.3Labelling and Coding Machine
3.4Bar Code Technology
3.5RFID Label and Technology
3.8Anti-Counterfeit Label and Technology
4 Active and Smart Packaging
4.1Biodegradable Material
4.2Functional Film
4.3Fresh-Keeping Packaging Material
4.4Aseptic Packaging Material
4.5Nano-Packaging Material
4.6Active Material
4.7Fibre Products
4.8Traceable Packaging
4.9Interactive Packaging
4.10Nanometer Smart Packaging
4.11Flexible Manufacturing Technology
4.12AR/VR Application and Service
4.13Big Data Analysis
5 Packaging Materials and Technology For Fresh Food
5.1High Barrier Packaging Material
5.2Vacuum Packaging Equipment
5.3MAP Equipment
5.4Skin Packaging Equipment
5.5Gas Mixing Equipment
5.6Inspection Equipment
5.7Refrigerant Product
5.8Heat Preservation Packaging
5.9Cold-Chain Logistics Supply Chain
6 Packaging Automation and Robotics
6.2Industrial Robot
7 Packaging / Supply Chain Services
7.1Integrated Package Solution
7.2Packaging Supply Chain Platform And Service Provider
7.3Packaging Design
7.4Packaging Marketing
7.5Supply Chain Management
7.6Associations/Scientific Research Institutions
8 Packaging Containers and Materials For Logistics
8.1Corrugated Box
8.2Circulation Box
8.3Wooden Box
8.4Plastic Tray
8.5Wood Tray
8.6Container Bag
8.7Filling Bag
8.8Cushion Packaging
8.9Buffering Filler
8.10Plastic Woven Bag
8.11Plastic Bag For Express Delivery
8.12Cloth Bag For Express Delivery
8.13Box Sealing Plastic Adhesive Tape
8.14Box Sealing Paper Adhesive Tape
8.15Box Sealing Glue
8.16Honeycomb Paper Product
8.17Paper Corner Protector
9 Packaging Technology For Logistics
9.1Shockproof Packaging Technology
9.2Shrink Packaging And Stretch Packaging Technology
9.3Mouldproof Packaging Technology
9.4Moisture-Proof Packaging Technology
9.5Anti-Oxygen Packaging Technology
9.6Insect-Resistant Packaging Technology
9.7Anti-Rust Packaging Technology
9.8Dangerous Goods Packaging Technology
9.9Blister And Skin- Packaging Technology
10 Logistics Warehousing Equipment and Systems
10.1Packaging And Order Picking System
10.2Logistics Warehousing Integrated System
10.3Three - Dimensional Storage System
10.4Material Transporting Equipment
10.5Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
10.6Bar Code Information System
10.7Vertical Revolving Cabinet
10.8Mechanical Conveyor
10.9Lifting Machinery
10.10Stacking Cranes
10.12Lift Platform
10.13Self-Driving Transportation System
10.14Shelf Storing and Fetching Equipment
10.15Delivery Locker
10.16Cleaning Equipment
11 Recycling Technology and Service
12 Brand Marketing Service
13 Data Analysis Service
14 IP Licensing
15 Online Technology
15.1Visual Design
15.2Website Design
15.3Ranking Agency
15.4Online Store Decoration
15.5Short Videos
15.6Online Photography
15.7Foreign Trade Website Design
16 Integrated Marketing
16.1Brand Marketing
16.2Advertising Media
16.3Digital Marketing
16.4Traffic Promotion
16.5Platform Marketing
16.6Community Marketing
17 Big Data
17.1Data Service Provider
17.2Data Service Platform
17.3AI Service
17.4Digital Platform
18 Software Services
18.1Shipping Software
18.2E-Commerce Erp System
18.3CRM System
18.4SCRM System
18.5SAAS System
18.6SCM Management System
19 Online Operations
19.1Customer Service Outsourcing
19.2Agency Operation Service
19.3Brand E-Commerce Service Provider
20 ODM, C2M, And Top Factory
21 Warehousing, Distribution, Courier And Logistics Provider
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