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MULTIVAC UK first to market with sustainable solution

2019-07-11 10:02:52

MULTIVAC UK is proud to announce an innovative, sustainable packaging solution for a successful UK retailer and its premium selection of cooked meats. This new packaging concept replaces existing black plastic packaging to reduce plastic packaging waste.There has been an increasing drive from the UK government, non-governmental organisations and consumers to tackle plastic waste and create a circular economy for plastics. To tackle one of the greatest challenges the food and packaging industries have ever faced, the retailer was looking for a new packaging solution to reduce plastic waste, minimise plastic content and to utilise sustainable materials, without compromising pack performance or increasing food waste.

MULTIVAC UK was able to draw from their range of solutions to reduce plastic packaging waste through technology. Produced on a MULTIVAC T 800 traysealer, the new vacuum skin packaging solution has replaced the retailer’s existing black plastic trays across its cooked, sliced meats selection, including ham, beef, chicken, pork and turkey products. MULTIVAC’s T 800 traysealer is compatible with skin on board, MAP and super protrusion.As the first UK supermarket to bring this solution to the consumer, this new development in sustainable packaging has helped the business to reduce their plastic consumption by over 50% compared to its previous packaging for this product range.Made from 75% renewable materials, the cardboard tray is 100% recyclable once the removable film is separated after consumer use. The board element of the pack is also fully printable, enabling maximum branding opportunities.

Matthew Jackson, Sales Director at MULTIVAC UK said: “Working closely with a retailer has enabled us to deliver the first board-based vacuum skin pack into the UK market, addressing producer, retailer and consumer concerns in a single solution.”As a leading global machinery manufacturer, MULTIVAC continues to be committed to delivering packaging solutions which minimise or eliminate plastic packaging waste and plastic consumption. Through the development of technology and materials, MULTIVAC is dedicated to helping accelerate the move towards packaging that supports a circular economy.

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