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ECPAKLOG grand recommendation-IoT-Samrt Packaging

2019-07-23 16:44:18

ECO™- sustainable RFID tagging technology
Stora Enso Booth No.: 4A62

Aiming at improving the functionality of intelligent packaging in supply chain, retail, and e-commerce applications, the independently developed radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has realized the automatic tracking, tracing, and tamper-proofing of packaged products in the whole supply chain. ECO RFID tagging technology is 100% based on fiber, and offers plastic-free, recoverable, and degradable solutions for intelligent packaging. By combining RFID with packaging, it has enhanced the flexibility of the manufacturing process and increased cost benefits without jeopardizing either performance or reliability. Compared with other printing and chemical etching antenna technologies, ECO RFID technology offers a truly green, environment-friendly, and sustainable solution.



RFID Inlay
Inlay Link IoT Booth No.: 4A66

Inlay constitutes a part of RIFD packaging process. As a pre-laminated product made of several layers of materials (including chip and antenna coil layers), it generally consists of two or three layers. Being an important product of the preceding working procedure of electronic tags, Inlay has a direct influence on the reliability of the electronic tags of finished products in practical use.
Inlay Link has devoted itself to providing high-quality dry/wet Inlay products in the RFID industry in the past decade, accumulated rich industry experience, and built a technical R&D team consisting of antenna design engineers, production process engineers, senior RFID solution experts, etc. At present, it owns more than 30 electronic tag-related patents, and can design and produce Inlay products adaptive to various industrial environments and industrial applications according to customer demands.


Exclusive micro-nano quantum stealth technology
Zhaohui Anti Technology  Booth No.: 4A60

Anti-counterfeiting/tamper-proofing technology is a scientific research achievement based on the interdisciplinary integration of comprehensive applications. By perfectly combining with all kinds of material carriers, it hides anti-counterfeiting/tamper-proofing information in such material carriers, so that they cannot be discovered, destroyed, copied, nor counterfeited either by naked eyes, or with the aid of UV light, infrared light or other traditional anti-counterfeiting/tamper-proofing detection devices. In fact, the information hidden in this way can only be identified and read by a dedicated detection device developed by Zhaohui Anti-counterfeiting, making it truly invisible, unique, highly anti-counterfeiting, and inimitable for counterfeits.



Front-back correspondence for variable information, anti-transfer label based on traceability

ZhongBiao Anti-counterfeiting Printing Co.,Ltd
Booth No.: 4A57

· Based on front-back correspondence, the colored variable QR code can leave a trace after uncovering, and prevent transfer.
· Using special materials and following special processes, the variable digit on tag surface and the variable digit after uncovering have different colors, but correspond to each other, thus realizing anti-counterfeiting tracing and guaranteeing comprehensive anti-counterfeiting performance.



smartDNA® - Universal Authentication
Linksmart Technologies Booth No.: 4A48

It offers e-commerce packaging solutions and automatic tracking of tamper-proofing evidence. From the smartdna tag on corrugated cartons to reusable, flexible and safe packages, it has realized sustainable last-mile delivery, intermediate-range logistics, and hub logistics. Reusable smartdna offers a unique method. It not only provides the first automatic tamper-proofing evidence among congeneric products, but also eliminates the use of disposable plastics, thus creating a sustainable circular economy and dramatically reducing packaging cost. As regards ordinary packaging cases, you are invited to experience our heat-proof/solvent-resistant tags. These tags can display signature after being affixed onto packaging cases.



Multi-directional data collector and vibrostand

DUPACK Booth No.: 4A72

SafeLoad multi-directional data collector from Spain is used to record the shaft vibration, acceleration, impact, P&R pivoting, and other environmental information in the entire cargo transport process, and may be installed on trucks, trains, steamers, and airplanes. Data collection relies on three sensors, that is, axial vibration accelerometer-triaxial microcomputer system, impact accelerometer-triaxial capacitive voltage divider, and gyrometer-biaxial micro electromechanical system. The actual vibration information recorded can be applied on SAFE LOAD multi-directional simulated transport vibrostand for package optimization.


Tradelink Technologies Booth No.: 4A02

PackOne is a local software system. The provider uses TradeLinkOne cloud platform to receive the electronic order (XML format) placed by a buyer, updates order status, and returns shipping document. After receiving the order, the provider conducts packaging operation via PackOne (including package scanning and outer carton bar code prefabrication), produces UCC-128 outer carton tags, and generates the packing list, invoice, shipment status, advanced shipment notice (ASN), and other documents required by the buyer. The ASN and other electronic documents sent by the provider, after translation, are sent to the buyer or other partners on the supply chain.


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