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Shandong Lvzhou Paper Products Processing Co., Ltd China The Booth NO.: 5F69
Shandong Oasis Paper Products Processing Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of Kong and Mencius, Shandong Qufu, as a pulp tableware industry mature company, has a complete R & D team and marketing team, committed to the production and sales of disposable environmental degradation pulp tableware, follow the customer-centric, service as the guarantee, product quality as the fundamental, innovation as the power of the concept, Established a set of perfect pre - sale, sale, after - sale service system. The pulp tableware produced by Shandong Oasis is made of natural plants -- bagasse, wheatgrass, reed, bamboo and other plant fibers that can be regenerated for one year. After being used, it is automatically degraded into organic fertilizer in the soil for 3 months, which is taken from nature and returned to nature. After high temperature disinfection in the production process, the product fully conforms to the international environmental hygiene requirements, heat, water and oil resistance, suitable for microwave oven baking and refrigeration preservation. By using the most advanced tableware production equipment -- the world's largest single daily output of rotary molding machine, the company can produce different specifications of plates, bowls, lunch boxes, paper cups and cutlery spoon, etc., can greatly reduce the production cost, to provide customers with high-quality and affordable products, to replace the use of plastic products, to protect the global environment, reduce plastic pollution to make due contribution
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