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ECPAKLOG E-Commerce Packaging & Supply Chain Expo, founded in Shanghai, China in 2017, and sponsored by Huake Exhibition (an affiliate to M.Success Media Group), integrates the products, technologies and services required by the operation and maintenance of all dimensions of the e-commerce industry chain, and explores the problems and future trends of the industry under the theme of "building a whole industry chain for e-commerce quality development", covering topics on packaging and automation of e-commerce logistics, multi-product sorting equipment and technology, green packaging & recycling application, integrated smart warehouse distribution, fresh packaging & cold chain logistics, IoT and big data technology, marketing and brand e-commerce services, e-commerce direct manufacturing and processing, etc., aimed at building a closed-loop e-commerce mode. By virtue of the leading position in e-commerce application field, ECPAKLOG provides accurate business matching services, and has become a benchmark exhibition in the field of e-commerce industry.
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In 2023, the scale of the ECPAKLOG exhibition will double, and the exhibition scale will reach 25,000 square meters! During the exhibition, special sections will be set up for order picking and packaging automation, e-commerce logistics new ecological scene pavilion, green sustainable innovation workshops, and industrial good things block. The exhibition will also maintain close linkage with the 2023 e-commerce full operation theme exhibition, the JD Logistics Green Supply Chain Packaging Product Cooperation Platform, and the 2023 Shanghai International Plant Fiber Molding Industry Exhibition. Multiple platforms echo each other and jointly empower the entire industry chain.
ECPAKLOG's existing buyer data is 160,000+; 128+ active subdivision communities have been built, and real-time online communication. During the ECPAKLOG2023 exhibition, there will be more than 30,000 professional buyers from the front, middle and back ends of the e-commerce industry chain. The audiences belong to the e-commerce platform, brand owners, express logistics, warehousing and distribution & supply chain, e-commerce service providers.
The WOW MATCHING and ECPAKLOG are perfectly linked. With real and accurate purchasing requirements and perfect commercial promotion services, they have established a considerable brand effect among industry buyers. So far, it has facilitated the successful business matching of 2300+ companies and held 120+ brand innovation activities. During the ECPAKLOG2023 exhibition, 1,500 business matching opportunities will be created.
ECPAKLOG has successfully built the best product display and technology exchange platform in the field of e-commerce packaging, and has become the best choice for many domestic and foreign companies to showcase new products and technologies for the first time. At the same time, the exhibition has been recognized by many industry leaders and professional organizations. Jingdong Logistics, ISTA and other companies have joined ECPAKLOG to form strategic partners to carry out cooperation in the fields of green packaging, catering packaging, logistics packaging and other fields to empower the development of the industry.
This year, the degradable eco-friendly packaging container developed by Zidan for six years by combining paper and plastic was successfully launched. We chose ECPAKLOG as our debut platform. The exhibition is very helpful for the display and promotion of new products, and we have been recognized by many professional audiences. The organizer has also actively explored channels for Zidan, and the company has obtained a lot of new resources and has a better understanding of the market prospect of new products.
Shanghai Zidan Food Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd
Hou Peng Sales Director
Year 2020 saw a difficult start. Affected by the pandemic, many packaging enterprises are growing in difficulties. In the post epidemic era, the industry is facing opportunities and challenges. How can we seize the opportunities, keep up with the times, and get through the difficulties, so as to speed up the transformation and upgrading in the era of industrial Internet? This is what enterprises are most concerned about and most needed. ECPAKLOG organizer has set up a platform to exchange information and make up for the lack of "cooperation" due to the epidemic situation. It is very successful. Thanks for the great efforts! Hope ECPAKLOG become better and better in the future!
Zhejiang Great Shengda Packing Co.,Ltd.
Song Kun Vice President
The rapid development of e-commerce warehouse distribution logistics industry has brought huge business opportunities for the sorting and packaging automation industry, and LEADOIN is always paying attention to this aspect. ECPAKLOG is also trying its best to open up business opportunities in the field of e-commerce warehouse distribution logistics. We easily reach agreement with ECPAKLOG and are looking forward to cooperation in the future.
Jiangsu Leadoin Intelligent Technology Inc.
Gong Jun Marketing Director
With the rapid development of e-commerce logistics industry in recent years, the industry has higher and higher requirements for delivery timeliness and customer experience. E-commerce logistics automation is the future trend. Aiming at customer needs and industry pain points, Shiping Technology continues to develop efficient and stable e-commerce warehousing automatic sorting and packaging system. ECPAKLOG aims right at the e-commerce logistics and builds a platform. We come here to seek new business opportunities, and the results are good. We hope ECPAKLOG become better and better in the future, and build a better and more accurate matching platform.
Tianjin Spin Technologies
Feng Jingjing Marketing Manager
Fiorini International Luxury Packaging Co.,Ltd.
We participated in ECPAKLOG for the first time. Despite the challenges faced this year, the exhibition organization was impeccable. The quality of the audience has met our expectations, and many decision makers came to our booth to share ideas and requirements. The soundtrack business matching is a very effective communication tool through which potential customers can easily share their needs and find suitable suppliers. We strongly hope to recommend this event to companies that are looking for opportunities to showcase innovative results and seeking the latest e-commerce packaging solutions.
Fiorini International Luxury Packaging Co.,Ltd.
Paolo Colomban General manager
As a benchmark exhibition in the field of e-commerce packaging & catering packaging, ECPAKLOG has been leading the innovative connection of packaging in the field of e-commerce and catering applications. During the cooperation, ECPAKLOG has actively promoted industry-wide exchange for Chengyu Group, broadened our publicity channels, and enhanced the publicity of our new eco-friendly products. Great thanks and wish ECPAKLOG march toward a new level and achieve greater success!
Shanghai Chengyu Packaging Group Co.,Ltd
Zhang Jiahui President
I have a deep feeling for this exhibition. The organizer's work is rather successful, and the service is also satisfactory. Although the audience is relatively lower than that in the previous years, the outstanding and impressive one-to-one business matching service is impressively effective. In my opinion, the business matching service could have been more reasonably and orderly arranged in the future. Wish the exhibition more successful in the future!
Zhejiang Green Packaging & New Material Co.,Ltd
Zhang Changming General Manager
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