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​PulPac 与 RZ Group 合作,干法模压纤维应用网络继续增长

2021-10-12 08:00:00

Dry Molded Fiber network continues to grow as PulPac partners with RZ Group

PulPac 与 RZ Group 合作,干法模压纤维应用网络继续增长

PulPac reveals partnership with RZ Mekpart and the RZ Group of specialized engineering contract manufacturers, further extending capabilities, expertise, and capacity of the Dry Molded Fiber network.

PulPac 揭示了与 RZ Mekpart 和 RZ Group 专业工程合同制造商的合作伙伴关系,进一步扩展了干法模压纤维应用网络的能力、专业知识和能力。

The objective of the partnership between RZ and PulPac is to combine significant industrial experience, secure machining, and manufacturing capabilities as well as spread know-how on tooling for Dry Molded Fiber.

RZ 和 PulPac 之间合作的目标是结合重要的工业经验、安全加工和制造能力,以及传播干法模压纤维工具的专业知识。

“RZ is proud to partner with PulPac, bringing a network of leading manufacturing entities in Sweden and providing support with our extensive expertise into efficient tooling construction and machine processing.

“RZ 很自豪能与 PulPac 合作,在瑞典建立领先的制造实体网络,并利用我们在高效模具制造和机器加工方面的广泛专业知识提供支持。

We see strong market forces towards replacing plastics, especially from consumers, and that Dry Molded Fiber is a very promising substitute that can compete on cost and sustainability” comments Lars Kihlström, CEO at RZ Mekpart AB.PulPac continues to expand the network and take holistic responsibility to secure upstream and downstream applicability of the technology. Together with RZ, the Dry Molded Fiber Community can now benefit from significantly increased tooling capacity, leading to shorter lead times and quicker time to market.

我们看到了强大的市场力量来取代塑料,尤其是来自消费者的要求,而干法模塑纤维是一种非常有前途的替代品,可以在成本和可持续性方面与塑料进行竞争。”RZ Mekpart AB.PulPac 首席执行官 Lars Kihlström 评论道。确保技术的上游和下游适用性的责任。与 RZ 一起,干法模塑纤维社区现在可以从显着增加的工具容量中受益,从而缩短交货时间并加快上市时间。

“We welcome RZ Mekpart and the RZ Group as a trusted partner in tooling production. Our efforts to scale supply chain and build partnerships with leading players in the value chain continues to yield advantages for the Dry Molded Fiber community. These partnerships and the collaborative approach are essential to enable scaling in support of the on-going global transition to fiber and away from single-use plastics. We welcome all parties in the value chain to join the community and support the transition to sustainable packaging and single-use products” comments Linus Larsson, Chief Executive Officer at PulPac.

“我们欢迎 RZ Mekpart 和 RZ 集团成为模具生产领域值得信赖的合作伙伴。我们努力扩大供应链并与价值链中的领先企业建立合作伙伴关系,继续为干模压纤维社区带来优势。这些伙伴关系和协作方法对于支持正在进行的全球向纤维和远离一次性塑料的过渡至关重要。我们欢迎价值链中的所有各方加入社区并支持向可持续包装和一次性产品过渡”,PulPac 首席执行官 Linus Larsson 评论道。

Media contacts: 

Linus Larsson, CEO; linus.larsson@pulpac.com

Ann Dynehäll, Communications, ann.dynehall@pulpac.com

Lars Kihlström, RZ Mekpart CEO, lars.kihlstrom@rzmekpart.se



Ann Dynehäll,通讯,ann.dynehall@pulpac.com

Lars Kihlström,RZ Mekpart 首席执行官,lars.kihlstrom@rzmekpart.se

 About RZ Group & RZ Mekpart AB

The RZ Group consists of twelve accomplished companies for specialized engineering. An optimal subcontractor and system partner. RZ Mekpart AB is a modern, full-service business founded in 1976. Today we have 50 employees and have a wide business offer based on specialized expertise. Our range runs from prototypes to long-series production and assembly of complex parts. Our business concept is to identify what our customer needs and find fast, effective, and affordable solutions. We do this by leveraging extensive resources and expertise combined with the flexibility of being a small company. RZ Mekpart AB has quality and environment certifications. www.rzg.se

关于 RZ 集团和 RZ Mekpart AB

RZ 集团由十二家专业工程公司组成。最佳的分包商和系统合作伙伴。RZ Mekpart AB 成立于 1976 年,是一家提供全方位服务的现代化企业。如今,我们拥有 50 名员工,并提供基于专业知识的广泛业务。我们的产品范围从原型到复杂零件的长系列生产和组装。我们的经营理念是确定客户的需求并找到快速、有效且价格合理的解决方案。我们通过利用广泛的资源和专业知识以及作为一家小公司的灵活性来做到这一点。RZ Mekpart AB 拥有质量和环境认证。www.rzg.se

About PulPac

PulPac provides the packaging industry with a groundbreaking manufacturing technology for low-cost, high-performance fiber-based packaging and single-use products. By pioneering the technology of cellulose molding PulPac enables their customers to replace single-use plastics with a sustainable and cost competitive alternative globally. www.pulpac.com

关于 PulPac

PulPac 为包装行业提供突破性的制造技术,用于低成本、高性能的基于纤维的包装和一次性产品。通过开创纤维素成型技术,PulPac 使他们的客户能够在全球范围内用可持续且具有成本竞争力的替代品来替代一次性塑料。www.pulpac.com

About Dry Molded Fiber

Dry Molded Fiber, invented and patented by PulPac, is a manufacturing technology designed for the circular economy – using renewable pulp and cellulose resources to produce low cost, high performance, fiber-based packaging, and single-use products. Dry Molded Fiber gives up to 80-90% lower CO2 footprint at similar cost as plastic. It is up to ten times as efficient as conventional fiber molding invented over 100 years ago. The dry process also saves massive amounts of valuable water resources. In addition, energy savings are significant - as the molded products need no drying.


干法模塑纤维由 PulPac 发明并获得专利,是一种专为循环经济设计的制造技术——使用可再生纸浆和纤维素资源生产低成本、高性能、基于纤维的包装和一次性产品。干模压纤维以与塑料相似的成本降低了 80-90% 的二氧化碳排放量。它的效率是 100 多年前发明的传统纤维成型的十倍。干法还节省了大量宝贵的水资源。此外,节能意义重大——因为成型产品不需要干燥。




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