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PulPac and HSMG presents fiber-based alternative that makes plastic coffee lids obsolete

PulPac 和 HSMG合作推出基于植物纤维的替代品,将使塑料咖啡盖成为过去式

Coffee lids will be the first Dry Molded Fiber product using HSMG PROTĒAN® oil and water barriers.   

咖啡盖将是第一个使用 HSMG PROTĒAN® 油水屏障的干法植物纤维模塑产品。

Bowls, cutlery, cups – any packaging that is in contact with food – needs a barrier to prevent water and oil from leaking through. Paper and molded fiber packaging have traditionally relied on a thin plastic film or the addition of fluorochemicals to hold out water and grease. Neither of these solutions is ideal, as plastic layers are not degradable and can be difficult to recycle. Fluorochemicals have been found to migrate into food and accumulate in our bodies, prompting them to be banned in many parts of the world. What is the answer, then, for transitioning to environmentally sustainable fiber-based packaging for food and beverages?


PulPac and HSMG have developed an innovative approach for water and oil barriers for PulPac’s Dry Molded Fiber technology. A thin, stretchable sheet of substrate applied with HSMG’s PROTĒAN® solution is layered onto the fiber mat as the article is formed. The heat and pressure of the forming process bonds the HSMG carrier sheet to the product. The result is a strong, recyclable, biodegradable non-fossil alternative to single use plastic that holds up to hot drinks. 

PulPac 和 HSMG 为 PulPac 的干法植物纤维模塑技术开发了一种创新的防水防油屏障方法。在制品成型时,将涂有 HSMG 的 PROTĒAN® 解决方案的薄的、可拉伸的基材片层铺在纤维垫上。成型过程的热量和压力将 HSMG 承载板粘合到产品上。结果是一种坚固、可回收、可生物降解的非化石替代品,可替代一次性塑料,可装热饮。

HSMG and PulPac announced their collaboration to develop sustainable chemicals, barriers and materials for Dry Molded Fiber in 2021, and this year will first feature PROTĒAN® technology in a coffee lid for Sweden’s MAX Burgers quick service restaurant chain. Other Dry Molded Fiber applications such as hot cups lids and take-away items will follow and will be available for PulPac licensees.

在 2021 年,HSMG 和 PulPac 宣布在合作开发用于干模塑纤维的可持续化学品、屏障和材料,今年将首先在瑞典 MAX Burgers 快餐连锁店的咖啡盖中采用 PROTĒAN® 技术。其他干法植物纤维模塑应用,如热杯盖和外卖物品将紧随其后,可供 PulPac 许可证持有者使用。

Sebastian Roos, Chief Technology Officer at PulPac comments, “We are enthusiastic about the performance of the HSMG barrier technology platform. This solution is plant-based, plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable, all important qualities to our customers and crucial for saving the planet from plastics. Our technology has pioneered fiber forming, making it possible to manufacture paper packaging without wasting valuable water resources or energy and significantly reducing CO2, at unit economy that is very competitive. We are fast approaching a tipping point where the single-use plastics items that can be replaced, will become obsolete in favor of competitive and truly sustainable alternatives.”

PulPac 首席技术官 Sebastian Roos 评论说:“我们对 HSMG 阻隔技术平台的性能充满热情。该解决方案以植物为基础、不含塑料、可生物降解和可回收,这些对我们的客户来说都是重要的品质,对于从塑料中拯救地球至关重要。我们的技术开创了纤维成型的先河,可以在不浪费宝贵的水资源或能源的情况下以极具竞争力的单位经济性生产纸包装,并显着减少二氧化碳。我们正迅速接近一个临界点,可替代的一次性塑料制品将被淘汰,取而代之的是具有竞争力且真正可持续的替代品。”

Jonathon Spender, Chief Technology Officer at HSMG comments, “PulPac’s Dry Molded Fiber technology is a good fit with HSMG’s barrier chemistry solutions. The PROTĒAN® carrier sheet integrates readily into the manufacturing process and is an ideal way to target the barrier to the function required.  We are thrilled that PROTĒAN® technology will be available for licensing to PulPac customers.”

HSMG 首席技术官 Jonathon Spender 评论说:“PulPac 的干法植物纤维模塑技术非常适合 HSMG 的阻隔化学解决方案。PROTĒAN® 载体片材可轻松集成到制造过程中,是针对所需功能的障碍的理想方式。我们很高兴 PROTĒAN® 技术可以授权给 PulPac 客户。”

Media contacts:

Sebastian Roos, Chief Technology Officer; sebastian.roos@pulpac.com

Ann Dynehäll, Communications; ann.dynehall@pulpac.com

HSMG Contact; info@hsmgrp.com

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Sebastian Roos,首席技术官;sebastian.roos@pulpac.com
Ann Dynehäll,通讯;ann.dynehall@pulpac.com
HSMG 联系方式;info@hsmgrp.com

绿色科技全球联系人- GTG@Green-techgroup.com

About PulPac

PulPac provides the packaging industry with a groundbreaking manufacturing technology for low-cost, high-performance fiber-based packaging and single-use products. By pioneering the technology of cellulose molding PulPac enables their customers to replace single-use plastics with a sustainable and cost competitive alternative globally. 

For additional information about PulPac, please visit www.pulpac.com or follow us on social media.

关于 PulPac

PulPac 为包装行业提供了用于低成本、高性能纤维基包装和一次性产品的开创性制造技术。通过开创纤维素成型技术,PulPac 使他们的客户能够在全球范围内用可持续且具有成本竞争力的替代品替代一次性塑料。

有关 PulPac 的更多信息,请访问 www.pulpac.com 或在社交媒体上关注我们。


HSMG LLC, a Greentech Global Pte. Ltd. company, develops and licenses their patented additive and barrier coating platform technology, PROTĒAN®, to paper and packaging manufacturers and specialty chemical companies. They offer water-resistant and/or oil- and grease-resistant alternatives to plastic coatings and fluorochemicals in a broad range of cellulose-based single use products. To learn more, please visit: www.hsmgrp.com.


HSMG LLC,Greentech Global Pte. Ltd. 公司,向纸张和包装制造商和特种化学品公司开发和许可其获得专利的添加剂和阻隔涂层平台技术 PROTĒAN®。它们为广泛的纤维素基一次性产品中的塑料涂层和含氟化学品提供防水和/或耐油和耐油脂的替代品。要了解更多信息,请访问:www.hsmgrp.com。

About Dry Molded Fiber

Dry Molded Fiber, invented and patented by PulPac, is a manufacturing technology designed for the circular economy. It leverages globally available, affordable, and renewable cellulose fibers to produce high performance fiber-based packaging and single-use products with highly competitive unit economics. Dry Molded Fiber also saves significant amounts of valuable water resources and energy, resulting in up to 80% lower CO2 footprint compared to alternatives. The process is up to ten times as efficient as conventional fiber molding invented over 100 years ago.


由 PulPac 发明并获得专利的干法植物纤维模塑是一种专为循环经济而设计的制造技术。它利用全球可用、价格合理且可再生的纤维素纤维来生产具有极具竞争力的单位经济性的高性能纤维包装和一次性产品。干法模塑纤维还节省了大量宝贵的水资源和能源,与替代品相比,二氧化碳排放量减少了 80%。该工艺的效率是 100 多年前发明的传统纤维成型的十倍。




上海国际植物纤维模塑产业展(IPFM Shanghai)是包装部落和美狮传媒集团强强联合,共同打造的植物纤维模塑产业专属的商贸交流盛会。聚焦植物纤维模塑智能精益制造、原辅材料革新和制品创新设计和应用,彰显植物纤维模塑绿色力量的无限潜力。在全球禁塑和中国双碳政策下,赋能产业高效拓展全球无限应用商机。


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